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We understand small and mid-sized businesses

For more than 25 years, SEIBERT has been one of the leading proactive consulting firms in the field of management, financial, and tax consulting for national and international SMEs and mid-sized companies. Our location in the “digital city” of Darmstadt, in the middle of the Rhine-Main financial metropolis, makes us a long-term and reliable partner. Client testimonials confirm our specialist expertise for IT and technology companies. We provide strategic support to entrepreneurs and companies in all phases of life and business, from start-up to exit or succession. As a digital consulting firm, we will, of course, introduce the necessary processes for the digitization of your accounting system.


Renewed award as a digital tax consultant

Digitization is not just a promise for us, it is lived reality. For the fifth time in a row, SEIBERT has received the "Digital DATEV-Kanzlei" seal. Since 2019, the software provider DATEV eG has awarded the abbreviation and ties the award to new criteria every year. The award shows that our law firm not only works digitally in a first-class manner, but also keeps pace with the rapid digital development every year. Our customers in particular benefit from this.

Digitale Kanzlei DATEV
Digitale Kanzlei DATEV

Multidisciplinary Support

SEIBERT has an excellent national and international network of fellow consultants, auditors, lawyers, notaries, banks, and other experts. This enables us to offer multidisciplinary consulting in all areas of business, even beyond the borders of Germany. In addition to our professional know-how and personal relationships, our clients appreciate our initiative and entrepreneurial thinking. Commitment, professionalism, reliability and close client relations are the hallmarks of our service.

Kay Seibert

Kay W. Seibert

Kay W. Seibert is a tax consultant and managing partner of SEIBERT Wirtschaftsberatung Steuerberatung in Darmstadt. For more than 25 years, he has advised national and international SMEs and mid-sized companies, ICT companies and technology firms, and has served as CFO of several companies. His clients include established mid-sized companies as well as start-ups (for example, spin-offs of the Technical University of Darmstadt). His many years of experience, as well as numerous corporate investments, have enabled him to gather know-how in the areas of tax, finance and legal issues, as well as extensive experience in the areas of capital procurement, M&A, and corporate structuring and management.

Across Borders

The following pages highlight the markets SEIBERT is active in.

We understand small and
mid-sized businesses


National SMEs and mid-sized businesses

As a medium-sized consulting firm, we know the needs of our mid-sized clients and SMEs only too well. SEIBERT sees itself as a consultant for entrepreneurs and companies founded by them. Our clients appreciate not only the personal relationship of trust which has developed over the years, but, most of all, our professional competence and our "full service" approach. We support you individually in all areas of your business, and can act as an outsourced finance department and can also organize an outsourced legal department with our international network of experts and carefully selected lawyers. During your growth phase, we identify relevant ideas and goals together with you as part of our strategic consulting, draw up your business plan with you, support you in procurement of capital, and assist you before, during and after transactions. Basic areas such as annual financial statements, tax returns, payroll accounting and employment law are handled professionally by our specialists or partners within our network of experts. We can also offer professional advice on the organization of your accounting system, which, today, always leads to process optimization driven by digitization of your financial and payroll accounting. We provide comprehensive assistance in all situations and phases of your life and that of your business, and are always available as your personal contact person.

International SMEs and mid-sized businesses

We are an expert "full-service provider" for subsidiaries of foreign companies and international groups or facilities with parent companies. "One-Stop Service". We can act as an outsourced finance department and can also organize an outsourced legal department with our international network of experts and carefully selected lawyers. This enables us to provide individual assistance in all areas of your business. This includes accounting and reporting and the preparation of annual financial statements according to the German Commercial Code (HGB) or IFRS as well as advice on wage tax and social security matters including payroll accounting (also for expatriates). We also advise German companies investing and selling, or pursuing other activities, in foreign countries. We are able to answer complex tax questions in cross-border situations, which may play a critical role in structuring of your business. Value added tax assessments and advice on all aspects of withholding taxes are also part of our daily business, as are the structuring and documentation of transfer prices. The aim of our consulting services is international tax optimization and the avoidance or minimization of double taxation. Our established national and international network of fellow consultants and other experts ensures equally optimal support beyond the borders of Germany.

IT and technology firms

The IT and tech industry are rapidly developing in terms of both technology and business models. These business models must be represented as thoroughly as possible in the digital accounting system, just as with possible intangible assets or licenses. SEIBERT has more than 25 years of expertise in providing individualized assistance to companies in this industry. Our customers include SaaS and open-source providers, software developers, service providers, and companies that bring digital innovations to market, driving digital transformation. We are a proven partner in all phases of a company’s existence. We advise and assist during foundation and growth, capital procurement or acquisition of companies, as well as succession or another form of planned exit. Our long-standing industry know-how is emphasized by our activities, e.g. in the "House of Digital Transformation" (formerly "House of IT") or in the Innovation & Start-up Centre of the Technical University of Darmstadt, the "HIGHEST", in which the company founder Kay Seibert is also active as a mentor. Mr. Seibert himself is also available as "part-time CFO" if required.

Freelancers, business owners and private individuals

Whether you’re a private individual, a freelancer or a small business owner, we guarantee high-quality and comprehensive advice in all business, tax and (through our network partners), legal matters, so you can stay focus on your job. The standard of our professional consulting includes the tax-optimized structuring of your situation, as well as managing the declarations required to accompany your annual private and business tax returns or gift and inheritance tax returns. The optimized designs will be confirmed by legally airtight contracts. However, our innovative consulting approach goes far beyond these matters. Process optimizations in the context of the digitization of financial and payroll accounting are also on the agenda, as are taking optimal advantage of your tax and (in cooperation with our network partners) legal options in international situations. We provide comprehensive assistance in all situations and phases of your life and that of your business, and are always available as your personal contact person.

Multi-level Consulting

The following pages profile the broad spectrum of services SEIBERT offers entrepreneurs in all phases of their business.

Our areas
of activity


Business consulting

Tax consulting is only the beginning of our services. We can be involved from the very beginning and assist you as early as the start-up phase. Even after your business is established, we will stay by your side. The need for professional advice doesn’t stop after you’ve begun operations.

Together with you, we will assist in corporate planning, support you in procurement of capital, and accompany you in the growth phase, and even after an IPO, should you choose that option. We will advise you on the organization of your own accounting system and, if required, will work with you to set up an efficient cost accounting system. Our “full-service” approach also includes our entrepreneur coaching, and selection of business software suitable for your special requirements.


Tax Consulting

Tax consultancy is much more than just coming to terms with the past or complying with annoying obligations. We will provide you with future-oriented advice. There are many starting points: What are your plans for the future? Have you exhausted all tax-accounting options and optimized your company or group structures? Or is it time to consider succession planning?

We offer you "full service" from the beginning, also on-site, if desired.



A well-managed accounting system is the basis for all entrepreneurial success. No matter whether monthly reporting or annual accounts – Timely, reliable data are essential. We tailor operational accounting specifically to the individual needs of your company – regardless of whether your financial and payroll accounting is already digital, whether you prepare your accounts in accordance with international accounting standards, or whether you’re dealing with an increasingly complex corporate structure.


Deep Networks

Find out on the following pages about SEIBERT’s deep international networks and what entrepreneurs say about working with us.

Our References
and networks


Opremic Group

Opremic Group

As a growing start-up in the IT industry, the business and tax consultancy SEIBERT has providing us for years with absolutely reliable support on our growth path. SEIBERT has always given us solid results-oriented advice in all tax and business matters.

Bastian Breitenmoser, Managing Director, Opremic Group, Eschborn
core sensing GmbH

core sensing GmbH

Since our founding we have trusted the competence and commitment of the employees of SEIBERT Wirtschaftsberatung Steuerberatung not only in tax matters but issues which go far beyond tax, and we’ve never been disappointed!

Simon Krech, Managing Director, core sensing GmbH, Darmstadt
Pearltree GmbH

Pearltree GmbH

The biggest difference between SEIBERT and other firms: SEIBERT not only answers our questions, but proactively develops its own strategies for our business.

Prof. Dr. Alex Buck, Managing Director, Pearltree GmbH & Co KG, Frankfurt am Main
Energy Robotics GmbH

Energy Robotics GmbH

In our search for a tax consultant we ended up at SEIBERT based on a personal recommendation. Even as a start-up, we felt well-advised from the very beginning and are very satisfied with SEIBERT’s services.

Dr. Alberto Romay, CQO and Co-Founder, Energy Robotics GmbH, Darmstadt


As an innovative provider of stereo 3D visualization solutions with international customers, we place high demands on our tax consultants and require absolute reliability. In SEIBERT, we found an experienced and competent partner who exceeds our expectations and is also a specialist in the field of digitization.

Christian Schöbel, Managing Director, VRLOGIC GmbH, Dieburg
Elabs AG

Elabs AG

SEIBERT has advised Elabs AG on a broad range of subjects since the company’s founding in 2000. As an internationally expanding company, trade relations among our businesses and our worldwide business connections play an important role for us. We appreciate SEIBERT’s professionalism, their broad expertise and the tailored solutions developed by SEIBERT’s partners and employees.

Thomas Keck, Chairman of the Management Board, Elabs AG, Frankfurt am Main
Xelera Technologies GmbH

Xelera Technologies GmbH

Mr. Seibert and his team are helping set up financial and payroll accounting and tax consulting for our young company. We are very grateful for their excellent advice.

Dr. Felix Winterstein, Managing Director, Xelera Technologies GmbH, Darmstadt
MD Beteiligung AG

MD Beteiligung AG

With SEIBERT we have found a reliable partner for tax and business consulting. The firm has been advising us for many years, both nationally and internationally, and has assisted us in setting up new projects. Our activities require tailor-made solutions, which have always been forthcoming, thanks to SEIBERT’s competent, flexible and personal support.

Madjid Djamegari, Hospitality Manager, MD Beteiligung AG, Frankfurt am Main
innoforum GmbH

innoforum GmbH

As an IT company (digital signage), we are constantly confronted with technological innovations and changes. We therefore depend on flexible and sound advice from our tax consultants. SEIBERT has been advising us in tax and business matters since 1995 to our complete satisfaction.

Rainer Möhr, Managing Director, innoforum GmbH, Obertshausen
Test Prev GmbH
Test Next GmbH

Future-proof with SEIBERT

Find out on the following pages how SEIBERT can make your accounting systems future-proof.

Prepared for the future


Digital Accounting

The digitization and automation of work procedures also extends to accounting. Thanks to the latest developments in the field of software and IT, many operational tasks in accounting can be digitized and processes can be carried out automatically.

Benefit from the digitized processing of documents as well as modern and integrated processes. This will increase the quality and timeliness of your accounting. We use the program DATEV Unternehmen Online (DUO) for digitization. DUO helps manage payroll and financial accounting. The data is collected online in the DUO cloud application and exchanged between your company and our firm. This allows us to digitally handle your payroll and financial accounting. After reporting, we make your evaluations available to you online.

Benefits for your company include

  • One system for the complete commercial process as well as for the upstream and downstream processes in payroll and financial accounting
  • Original receipts and documents remain within the company – an audit-proof electronic receipt archive is available at all times.
  • Fast access to informative and detailed business and personnel management evaluations

Our services at a glance

  • Introduction of digital financial and payroll accounting (DATEV Company Online and DATEV Employee Online with digital personnel file)
    • Digitization and archiving of paper documents
    • Optimization of follow-up processes (e.g. banking)
    • Online access to digital evaluations for financial and payroll accounting (e.g. in PDF format, or as an interactive business management assessment)
  • Harmonization of internal organization and processes by introducing necessary processes and optimizing existing ones within the company
  • Creation and processing of electronic outgoing invoices (e.g. ZUGFeRD)
  • Integration of suppliers in digital transmission of incoming invoices
  • Training and continuing education of key accounting staff

Top Talent

Find out on the following pages how SEIBERT attracts and keeps top talent.

We're looking
for talent


We're looking for talent

An exceptional law firm with exceptional clients seeks exceptional talent. With us, tax consulting isn’t a matter of searching through dusty archives, but rather realizing your own ideas in a modern and stylish office as part of a dynamic and friendly team. Whether you’re an established professional with relevant experience, or a career starter with a recent vocational-training degree, we are looking for highly motivated talents who enjoy constantly expanding their professional horizons to advance themselves and the team.

A great place to work

SEIBERT offers above-average compensation opportunities, a wide range of continuing education and training opportunities, as well as diverse fields of activity. The cornerstones of our corporate culture are cooperative management and responsible collaboration. We are guided by time-tested values in dealing with our employees, and are convinced that mutual openness and respect and cooperation are the key to our first-class working atmosphere. Modern personnel management techniques give our employees the greatest possible scope for personal responsibility and promote an independent and autonomous working style. For us, work-life balance goes beyond the standard approaches to reconciling family and career. We see work-life balance as part of our corporate culture and maintain a close personal relationship with our employees, as well as flexible working hours and organization.

To reinforce our teams in Darmstadt we are looking for

We hire throughout the year without fixed application or recruitment dates. Please send your digital application to karriere@seibert-co.com